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Make sure you have a backup of your existing Mac OS X installation and disk before continuing with this guide. Time Machine makes this very easy. Any time you edit a drives partition table or install a new operating system there is always a small chance something could go wrong, so just be safe and have a backup ready. You can create a new partition on your hard drive with Disk Utility, this does not require you to reformat the drive and you should not lose any data besides, you have that backup just in case something goes wrong, right?

It will look something like this:. The key here is to install Lion on the newly created partition and not the default which is atop This is what will enable you to dual boot between Just let this be as it runs.

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  • Step 2: Back up your data.
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Due to the fact that you are installing from your local disk to another partition, the whole process is much faster than it would be to install from a DVD. Now that Lion is installed, your default boot drive is set to You can adjust this to be If you want to boot into a different Mac OS X installation than the one that is set as your default in the previous step, you can hold down the Option key during reboot.

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  • How to Install & Dual Boot Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

You will then see a boot loader like the image at the very top of this tutorial, where you can select which Mac OS X version and volume to boot from. Many have installed Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Fantastic walkthrough, I have wondered if this was possible because so many initial reports involved upgrading Yes just make sure they are all on their own unique partitions.

Dual Boot Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion

I have Windows 7 in boot camp for gaming. I installed windows 7 using bootcamp, worked fine. If I am not mistaken, Bootcamp requires it to be in the last partition but with a maximum of 3 partitions. If you go beyond 3 partitions, Windows will not be able to boot.

Step 1: Check your software and hardware

With Lion, the problem is that the new Recovery Hd takes up a partition. Therefore, it is not possible for Windows to boot. Instead, you will have to remove that recovery partition, or just have Lion, Lion Recovery and Bootcamp. I know this is a late comment, but you have two choices. Partition your disk and install Snow Leopard and then get Lion and partition your disk again to triple boot.

This is the problem I have. Have you tried restoring from a time-machine backup?

Dual boot mac OSX Lion/windows 7/8 - Tutorial - Part 1 - Setting up and Downloading

If you have that option, plug in your time machine external drive and hold the option key. Choose the time machine recovery drive and it should restore your system. I could be wrong, though. I would also recommend trying a fresh install of As far as I could tell, it had installed all the stuff from my backup, but just not a bootable copy of the OS, so I had to re-install SL while booting from my disc. I think you could do the same to overwrite Lion with a copy os SL from the SL install discs, without damaging the files on the disc?

How to use Boot Camp with Lion

Not sure if thats how it works or not though. Check out our guide to install Mac OS X I have a 32GB flash drive and was wondering if I could install Lion on it and boot from the flash drive. Is there any problem in deleting this new partition should I decide I want to go back to my current state? Not at all, you can just delete the partition through Disk Utility. That said, you should always have a recent backup of your Mac before you change the partition scheme just in case something goes wrong.

I have the same problem, I want to delete my partition, but I get the message telling me that I need a newer OS to do this. I have the same problem after installing Lion osx full release made a small partition everything seems fine bu wanted to now resize and it will not let me?

How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 – A Complete Walkthrough

So tried to add a new partition and install again and it says need a newer version of osx to do so? I have the latest SL.

Then tried to delete the Lion partition and start from scratch and it says again newer version of OSx needed? Any ideas? The partition cannot be resized. Try reducing the amount of change in the size of the partition. Are you trying to repartition the boot drive, the drive you just booted from? You also may also do this to run repairs on boot disk if needed or to check if a startup problem is software or hardware If it boots from installer but not from normal system then it indicates a problem with system and not with hardware.

I have Lion 1 installed on a partition drive and I did the update from software update. I get all the way through and went it asks me to hit the restart…I get this message. An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running it application again.

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  • How to Install & Dual Boot Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard.

I installed Lion 1 with no problems. Now you might say my situation is unique because My MacBook Air dual boots between Lion and Snow Leopard, but upon looking at some friends Macs I discovered that even in a single boot setup, a startup […]. I am new to mac, and this might sound silly, but I was wondering…I installed mac os x lion aside mac os snow leopard dual boot.

I noticed when using mac os x lion, the system uses software which is installed on snow leopard but not on lion itself.


How to use Boot Camp with Lion | Macworld

How is that possible? An example — I wanted to open a. I have a software installed for this on snow leopard, but not on os lion. But os lion managed to open. Lion and Snow Leopard can read each others partitions easily, but more likely is that Lion includes an improved archive handling utility that will extract rar files. Thanks for quick instructions.. I got my Preview last night and almost had unstoppable inclined to install on Leopard.. Glad to see this in the morning now again i can resist to go home and get my hand on Lion ;.

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The final release of Lion will be downloadable from the Mac App Store via Snow Leopard, and you will probably want to perform a clean install of it rather than upgrade over the developer betas. Great tuorial, thanks. If I have Lion installed on a separate partition and later want to delete my old Snow Leopard partition, how I can get all my third-party software Adobe CS5, Office , Parallels, etc.

What about old emails, photos, iTunes music etc? Or, is all that done automatically during the Lion install. Thanks in advance. Installing Lion on a separate partition creates a clean install that does not include any of your old apps, emails, or photos. If you want to have all of your old apps and documents, you can either restore from a Time Machine backup or better yet just upgrade from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Lion directly.

I created a new partition and flashed the Lion image to it and ran the install from there. You should be able to remove the Lion installation partition directly from Disk Utility by selecting the partition and just deleting it. I covered this here:. I would strongly recommend keeping the recovery partition, even if you have a separate boot disk or drive created.

Here is a guide to create a bootable external USB device:. In disk utility use restore option source will be your Lion installation media in my case it was lion.