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And, include screen shots! The Air has less than half the storage of my old MacBook Pro, so my goal is always to keep it lean and mean.

Best Tips to Make Your Mac Desktop Tidy & Organized - Unclutter

Check out my Movies folder below…. I hide the Dock so it gets out of my way and the things I keep on the Dock are the things I use most often. I will also place items on the Dock from time to time that I do need to use for a project so that I get a visual trigger whenever I use my Air. I let Hazel do a lot of the organization for me. The bottom line: If you want to keep your Mac incredibly organized all the time, you really need to pick up Hazel.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

I want to know when a file or folder has been last modified and also when it was opened, and I slide those to where I want them in Finder view. Hazel adds colours to various files as it runs its rules so that I can also identify via colour.

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  • Desktop Groups Is A Fences-Like Desktop Organizer For Mac OS X.
  • The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018.
  • Since the Mac has 7 colours to choose from, you can run with 7 rules around them. And you know how much I enjoy decluttering. ATTN: is a weekly digest from Productivityist that delivers a week's worth of content in a nice little package directly to your inbox. Just enter your email to subscribe. Mike Vardy is a writer, speaker, productivity strategist, and founder of Productivityist.

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    The Productivityist Daily Progress Planner can help you do all of that. And it's FREE. Get your FREE daily planning sheet now! Check out my Movies folder below… You get the idea. This was a bit of a problem when you used to have to sync your iDevices directly to your machine.


    Even software updates can be done on the devices themselves now. And since I use Instacast for my podcasting needs and Rdio for my music needs, I generally have local music stored on my Drobo for archival purposes these days. Having Netflix on my iPad helps as well. My main iPhoto Library. Again, we use an external drive for this that also gets backed up to the Drobo for this.

    That said, much of the photos I want are already on my iPad and iPhone to show people quickly and easily. Mac users have access to a vast selection of excellent photo-editing apps, but even against its many competitors, Pixelmator stands out as one of the best. Affinity Photo from Serif could be just what you need. The app is perfect for sharing your favorite stuff among friends or for stowing interesting articles you may encounter on your evening commute, which you can then pull up on the big screen with their accompanying text, pictures, and links when you get home.

    Not only does the minimalist software allow you to fill out forms and merge PDFs, but it also grants you a host of tools for editing, annotating, and signing files on the fly. Google Reader may be dead and gone, but a proper RSS reader is still a must. Thankfully, Reeder 3 is one of the best around. Themes, gesture controls, and a host of customization options also come as standard. The sleek app helps with creating to-do lists, each of which comes with customized due dates, reminders, and everything else you need to stay on schedule. The software also allows for collaborative lists, syncs your content across devices, and features the ability to save web pages and other content for later viewing much like Pocket.

    The Mac app gives you access to the entire Spotify catalog much like its mobile counterpart, letting you search and listen to nearly any track, artist, or album free of charge. You can also use it to build custom playlists, or capitalize on personal recommendations that span jazz, hip hop, rock, and everything in between. Yes, DVD ripping is still a thing in the age of digital distribution. That said, HandBrake shines when it comes to converting media files and encoding videos, especially when you factor in how quick and effortless the open-source software makes the process.

    The well-known app also comes with a plethora of video-editing tools designed for splicing, adjusting framerate, and adding subtitles, among a laundry list of other useful actions that come second to its optimization presets. Honestly, who still shops in brick-and-mortar stores anymore? Push notifications and Spotlight integration are just an added plus. Solid BitTorrent clients are few and far between, but Transmission ranks among the best.

    Hocus Focus

    The lightweight app excels when it comes to download speed, and blends seamlessly with MacOS. Transmission did have a security breach a while back, though, so make sure you only download the most recent version 2. Slack is an all-purpose messaging client that has recently taken office productivity and discussion to an entirely new level. Like the last-gen version of the software, the newest iteration presents you with multiple columns and windows, along with tools to mute users, hashtags, and specific keywords.

    It also supports third-party apps such as Bitly and Paper, and showcases a streamlined interface that pairs perfectly with the latest MacOS look.

    One of its best features is its ability to create bootable backups of your startup disk. You can also back up your files and data to an external hard drive or another Mac, then restore everything with a few clicks. Hate trying to remember every single password for every account you have? Little Snitch 4 is a permissions blocker that lets you control all of your incoming and outgoing connections.

    You can set it to block a single instance, until you quit a particular app, or forever. Check out more Mac security apps here. Chances are that you know the merits of Google Drive. Google Drive can back up your entire drive, if desired. There are a number of fantastic cloud storage solutions , and Dropbox is one that makes syncing files quick and painless.

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