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I tested the joystick on Windows, and it works. I also downloaded ControllerMate for Mac, and it shows that my joystick works, but ksp isn't recognizing the input from the device. What steps have you taken to set up the controller? What happens when you configure it in Preferences?

From what I understand from other people with this joystick, it should just work when you plug it in. Logitech also doesn't offer drivers for the mac because they say it should be recognized.

17 answers to this question

When I go to setup my input preferences in ksp nothing happens. I go to move the joystick, and it's still waiting for input.

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It also doesn't recognize the buttons. Hi oYaStr, are you using the axis bindings or the key bindings for the joysticks input? Also, do you have the joystick connected when you start KSP or do you plug it in afterwards? It really should be working, unless the stick has modes maybe as it's programmable, is there a mode switch on the base? There's not. And it worked, no drivers needed, on Windows, but on Mac it doesn't. I don't know if there's a problem with the Mac version of KSP or what. Can you post your Player.

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Here's a link to my Player. I just downloaded a free flight sim from the app store and it didn't recognize my joystick, either. KSP is somehow recognizing whatever axis you tried to bind as Axis I'd actually have to check if that's how it logs cancelling axis assignment. I tried running the setup file and it said image not recognized.

So, any other games I can try? Also something to mention, I looked in my Mac's system report, and it shows that the joystick is connected. I also downloaded controllermate, and it detects the input from my controller. I am running KSP. I am having joystick problems as well. In the past month I have had lots of problems getting KSP to recognize it during game play.

Update Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Driver

Then two days ago it gave up the ghost. I could not get any functions to work and I could not reassign any functions. So I assumed that the stick was dead. I purchased a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro today. Still no go. No buttons nor axis were seen by KSP in the assignment attempt.

I purchased a test program and both my joysticks and all buttons show up in the test software.

Force™ 3D Pro - Logitech Support

I went back to KSP and continued to try to assigning functions to my new Logitech. Then with my Logitech still plugged in, I plugged in my SideWinder. I tried the Logitech, and now KSP can assign those buttons as well.

But the axises of both sticks are still not seen. I cannot get KSP to see any axis of either stick. I still have some of the Sidewinder axises assigned from before, but it is not seen during game-play, and non functional.

But if I clear the assignment, I have no way to get it back as the stick axises are no longer seen in KSP. And I have tried every version of re-boot and restart the game I can think of. I even removed all my mods hence me posting here. Nothing I have tried will allow either stick's axises to be seen by KSP anymore.

I have hours playing this game and this issue has never come up for me until recently. It could have crept in in the last update. Research has shown that advanced flying comes down to instincts and reaction time.

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  7. To assist pilots, our lab boys designed a custom twist-handle rudder for Extreme 3D Pro, resulting in natural one-handed control with a smaller device footprint. Customize your load out. Extreme 3D Pro has every command at your fingertips and exactly where you want it so you can keep your eyes on the horizon. Each programmable button can be configured to execute simple single commands or intricate macros involving multiple keystrokes, mouse events, and more.

    To update your Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick driver

    Put your thumb to work. Quickly and easily switch from points of view to weapons and more—the 8-way hat switch is designed to accurately capture specialized input specific to flight sims.

    Publisher's Description

    Lock on and let loose. Pull the Extreme 3D Pro trigger as fast as you want or need, confident that every twitch of your finger will be captured without missing a beat. Enjoy the flight. Fly one more mission or take down more enemies in comfort, even after hours of action.