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Do not select the volume located just underneath the device name. The flash drive needs to be formatted for use on Windows. Warning : The process of preparing the USB flash drive will delete any data contained on the flash drive. The device will likely have the name of the USB flash drive manufacturer listed. After making your selection, click Continue. Provide your administrator password, and click Continue. You can download the app from the VirtualBox website.

You can find the external drive by looking for the name, type, or if this is your only external, by the location [external, physical].

How to Create Windows 10 Install USB via Boot Camp Assistant

We can do this because in the previous step, we mapped the external drive to a VirtualBox virtualized disk. The Windows VM you create uses a virtualized connection to your external drive.

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In order for VirtualBox to be able to access the external drive, we need to launch VirtualBox with elevated permissions. Once again, we turn to Terminal. You may notice the menu is empty or does not contain the virtual disk file we created earlier.

Click the folder icon just to the right of the dropdown menu. This will allow you to browse to the bootcamp. Select the bootcamp. This is usually located in the Storage section of the virtual machine.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

Because the external hard drive has been assigned to the VirtualBox machine, it is the only drive that will be listed. Windows Setup will install the needed files to your external drive. Be sure to prevent Windows Setup from automatically restarting. At this point, the Windows installer has copied all the files to the external drive, and has set up a boot environment that you can start your Mac from.

Next time you boot from the external drive, Windows will complete the installation process. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the Windows drive. The bootup process can take a while, so be patient. At some point during the installation, Windows will restart your Mac. When it does, your Mac will restart with the normal Mac OS. You need to be present to hold down the Option key and select Windows to start from.

To complete the Windows installation, run the Boot Camp Setup app to install the needed Apple drivers. Once the installation completes, all your Apple hardware, including wireless keyboards and mice, should be working. Name required. Email required.

Boot Camp (software)

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Boot Camp only supports bit Windows 8 or Windows 7 installation on this platform. This option enables installation to internal hard drives. Probably irrelevant if you are trying to create an external USB installation disk.

bootcamp - How can I install boot camp off a Windows 7 USB flash drive? - Ask Different

For security reasons, it is recommended to restore the original permissions within the Boot Camp Assistant application package. Then click to unlock the icon in the bottom right corner and enter your password if prompted , then set the privileges for everything other than "system" to "Read only". Repeat for the Contents folder itself. Some versions of macOS will require the Boot Camp Assistant application package to be code-signed in order to run it.

NOTE: If Xcode Command Line Tools are not already installed, the above commands may prompt to do so; afterward, the above commands may need to be run again. If everything worked, in Boot Camp Assistant you should now have the option to "Create a Windows 7 or Windows 8 version install disk" which should also work for Windows 10 and later versions, depending on the chosen configuration for your Info. Ignore Learn more. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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How to choose a startup disk on your Mac to boot from USB You set your Mac or Macbook which disk to start up from when more than one startup disk is connected. Set the default startup disk You can change the startup disk your Mac automatically uses from System Preferences.

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From the Apple menu choose System Preferences. Select your startup disk from the list of available volumes. Temporarily change your startup disk with Startup Manager Startup Manager allows you to pick a volume to start from while the computer is starting up. Immediately press and hold the Option key. After a few seconds, the Startup Manager appears.